Stopa Celebrates 50 Years
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Stopa Germany recently celebrated their 50th year in business...
Windows XP to Windows 7
Stopa announced the changeover from Windows XP to Windows 7...
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Stopa Anlagenbau GmbH
A brilliant young engineer and visionary starts a new company. His name: Paul Stolzer. The company: Stopa Anlagenbau. The year: 1963. The location: A small town at the foot of the Black Forest in south western Germany. He focuses mainly on steel and builds one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in Germany, designing and manufacturing steel structures, hot water boilers, and swimming pools.

Already in 1975 he saw the need for automation in manufacturing and shifted the focus of the company towards full automated storage systems, first for bar stock and later for sheet metal. Two decades later he saw the potential of his product and expanded it to include automated car parking garages.

The company grew to over 200 employees with subsidiaries in Eastern Europe and the US. Mr. Stolzer was sole owner and on the board of directors of Stopa well into his 80s. He died in 2013 at the age of 88.

More information about Stopa and their products can be found on the Stopa websit