Stopa Celebrates 50 Years
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Stopa Germany recently celebrated their 50th year in business...
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EuroBlech 2014 Review
Two representatives from Volz-Stopa America recently attended the biannual EuroBlech sheet metal conference in Hannover, Germany along with numerous colleagues from Stopa Germany. The star of the show was the Stopa Compact which attracted numerous curious eyes throughout the four days. Equipped with numerous new designs Stopa proved its continued strive for innovation.

By far the most interesting new addition to the Stopa Compact was an innovative new suction tower. This tower is positioned next to the system and repositions sheet metal among different pallets to ensure quick turn-around time for integrated machines. Additionally Stopa revealed its brand new wireless cart. This cart goes away from the traditional double rail system of years past. The cart no longer requires any cable allowing customers more use of their shop floor.

Among the representatives from Stopa was Ralf Gerber, the head of the sales division. He was elated with all the new innovations as well as how well the show had gone for Stopa. During the show Stopa was able to attract numerous new interested clients to the booth while also selling 37 new systems. Mr. Gerber described the show as a “Great success”, and is looking forward to the coming year.

Daniel Haaser of Volz-Stopa America was just as excited about the results of the show. The two representatives were able to sit down with numerous clients who had made the journey from North America. Mr. Haaser described the show as, “a great way for Volz-Stopa to continue its move towards making a great presence in North America.” Overall spirits among the Stopa representatives were extremely high at the conclusion of the show.