Stopa Celebrates 50 Years
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Stopa Germany recently celebrated their 50th year in business...
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Stopa Celebrates 50 Years In Business

September 18th, 2015

Stopa Germany recently celebrated their 50th year in business. For this special occasion clients and friends
from around the world made their way to Archern, Germany. Among those in attendance were Daniel and
Martina Haaser, president and treasurer of Volz-Stopa America. The evening was a great opportunity for both
of them to reminisce on the past as well as look forward to the years to come.

Martina recounted fond memories of the entire trip. She especially enjoyed the opportunity to connect with
colleagues that she does not often see. “Unfortunately because of the distance between us it is often tough
for us to connect, I really value an opportunity like this.” With the crowd being so diverse it offered not only
an opportunity for collaboration but also a look at the global growth that STOPA has continued to promote for
50 years.

Daniel deemed the night as a success, emphasizing the opportunities that the company will seize in the
future. “The biggest thing for me was to see that STOPA was still among the leaders in innovation, that is
what has kept us strong for 50 years and what will allow us to achieve so much more during the next 50.”
While he was not allowed to share any specific details he did state that all present and future customers
should be very excited for the upcoming technological improvements.

The night was wrapped up with a moving speech by current CEO Wolfgang Kienzler. He grasped the audience
with his humor and wit. The stories that he shared regarding recently passed founder Paul Stolzer truly
touched everyone. He offered a great remembrance of times past but more importantly a great vision of the
future. It is safe to say that STOPA will continue to be chief influence in innovation for years to come.