Stopa Celebrates 50 years
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Stopa Germany recently celebrated their 50th year in business...
Windows XP to Windows 7
Stopa announced the changeover from Windows XP to Windows 7...
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Volz-Stopa America
In the late 1990’s a strong and fast growing US market demanded the presence of any European company with ambitions to venture into the US. As a result, Volz Elektrotechnik and Stopa Anlagenbau decided to have a joint permanent presence in the US, and Volz-Stopa America Inc. was founded in 2000 with its headquarters in Burlington, Connecticut.

The main goal was to assist Volz and Stopa customers with phone support and spare parts. But the market grew fast, and so did the new company. Today Volz-Stopa provides installation, service, phone support, spare parts, and technical sales for customers all over North America including the USA, Canada, and Mexico.